So--knowing there is only one year of school left for Phillip, it automatically turns our sights to "what next" or in other words translated to, "we need a job", "what will that job be?" or for me the particularly heavy question: "where will that job be?"

Well, folks...right now the forecast is looking far, far, away.

I've been working on processing this lately and it just so happens I popped over to the famous Seriously So Blessed** blog for the first time in awhile and read this. So funny to me. Good to know I'm not the only one in this situation ;)

**In case you haven't heard of this blog, go here.

Oh and to note, we made it safely back to Provo. In an effort to unpack and let Ryder play with every single toy he has missed over the summer, our house looks like a bomb exploded. This needs my attention first, but I plan to blog more soon.

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  1. That is funny! We just try finding place that are a few hours away from fam so we aren't too close but not too far away! Good Luck girly!