1. Ryder and Phil on our Labor Day picnic up Provo Canyon. 2. Ryder and Penny like to bounce together.

We've been home (and have stayed here) for a little over a week now and for some reason it has taken a lot more work than I thought to get settled back in.  If your curious, here are all of the things we've been up to, that have taken me a lot longer than had hoped to get back into the swing of things...

  • Getting unpacked. I really didn't think we had taken that much stuff to NY. But man, it took me days to find everything it's right place--and after I did put something away in a closet or drawer, it somehow magically made that said closet or drawer an chaotic mess. Really, it was magic.
  • Files and paperwork. Still working on getting 3 months of mail and paperwork organized. I did buy myself a new file storage container. Such things make me happy therefore has given me the necessary motivation to do such a mundane, but rather necessary task. 
  • Taking care of Penelope after she got sick with a number of ailments.
  • Taking care of Ryder and myself after we both caught a throat virus (fever and sore throats). I have a theory. Have you ever had periods of your life that you're  are crazy busy where you're going, going, going, and then the second things calm down, you get sick. I call "After the crazy sickness". That's totally what happened to us.
  • Getting my exercise regiment planned out. This takes a bit of effort if you know the only way you'll work out is if it's with someone else.
  • Getting Penny's sleeping schedule figured out. She is doing so good! Yay, Penelope!
  • Figuring out our budget for the upcoming school year. A personal favorite. 
  • Organizing and switching out Ryder and Penny's summer and fall clothes.

The one good thing about getting sore throats together? Eating ice cream together!

Have I bored you to tears yet. Talk about not fun. But still needed done. Sigh. And maybe now I've got a few of those things under control, I can start doing the funner items on my list:
  • Buying Penny and Ryder some new fall items :)
  • Get a couple of Halloween decoration crafts going
  • Decorate my new files container bin. Just kidding...maybe...
  • Watch movies. (Now that Penelope goes to bed the same time Ryder does, I can do that)
  • Read books. I just finished "The Help" (so good) and have a long list of books I can't wait to dig into.
  • Work on my RS lesson. Super happy about getting that calling again after we were away for the summer.
  • Have fun watching and helping with Ryder's little preschool group. It's just a little group that some MBA wives put together for our little 3 year or almost-3-year-olds, so nothing fancy, just fun.
  • Oh yeah, update my blog.

Oh, that little girl...

(She is actually wearing Phil's old cowboy boots that he wore when he was little. Can we say vintage? I'm hoping to get her in 'em in a few shots of our family photos we're taking in a couple of weeks)


  1. Glad you are getting back into a routine. I totally know about the sickness after the crazies...that happened to us a few months ago and made me sit and be grateful for them, becuase we were all relaxing and enjoying being home.

    Love the boots.

  2. You guys are so stinking cute!

  3. Please repeat the following babytalk from me to Penny: "Who's a cute little cowgirl? Who is it? That's right, it's you! It's you!"

  4. So I am way behind on my scrapbooking so I just sent in an order to shutterfly yesterday cuz they were giving me like 100 free prints so I uploaded pics from the last couple christmases and there was ryder with his bouncing zebra we gave him and seeing that picture of him on it again reminded me of how freakin' big that little guy is getting!! I wish I could attach that photo here and you could see em' side by side.