So I was called into YW as an advisor this last Sunday and for our activity tomorrow night we're having a get-to-know your new leaders activity to which our President asked us if we'd list 10 thing about ourselves. Here are mine.

1. I hate the dentist and I have to get a root canal on Thursday.
2. I wish that in college I would have majored in interior design or graphic design instead of public relations
3. Both of my children were born on the ****. (Too much personal info for the 'ol blog--ya know what I'm sayin')
4. I have an uber crush on my husband who occasionally uses his boyish charm get out of trouble.
5. I'm related to Marilyn Monroe thru my mom's paternal side. Distantly--but still--I'm related!
6. I would be lying if I haven't daydreamed a time or two about being a totally awesome (and of course, famous) rockstar.
7. I LOVE milk. Milk and rootbeer are my favorite beverages. But not at the same time or together. Gross.
8. I wish I would have taken piano lessons and learned how to sew while growing up.
9. I once had to go to the doctor because I was applying some store bought, acrylic (fake) nails and the glue squirted out of the side of the bottle and into my eye. I had to wear a patch over said eye for an entire day.
10. I love my home. I love the people in it and I love making it a place where they love to be.


  1. Oh I miss you! And Chuck started tonight and we didn't get to watch it together. How sad is that!?!?

  2. The YW are going to LOVE having you! Fun facts to learn about you.

  3. Great fun facts! By the way, after 3 years in the YW presidency (just released), I have to say anything with the YW is the best calling in the church.

  4. You will be great in YW!

    I love your list. What a fun blog post. I might steal it for when I blog in another two and a half months.

  5. You are going to be great in YWs! I loved reading some fun things about you.

  6. I think you are cool. --Laura