I don't pretend to know a lot about the particulars of interior design. I don't even profess to know a lot about (whatever the opposite of particulars is). However, I do know what I love. Time and time again, I'll see a certain style and think, I am totally going to make that my style.

It never works.

Why? Because I am ardently loyal to the mediums (colors, furniture, accessories) I love. Not you, not them, not the designer in the magazine--me. And by "ardently loyal" I mean what I love right now because in 5 years it could totally be out of style. Or as is my case right now, I'm "ardently loyal" to what I have to work with on a student budget with an old grandpa house as my canvas. It's a loose term, but you know what I'm saying.

I speak of being loyal to what I love because I am sometimes surprised by how first-sight, no questions asked, can't-quit-thinking-about-it smitten I can get with a piece. And that is why I love this game.

The first time this happened to me was with these babies. I got them from estate sale on Craigslist. I believe I got them both for $40. I didn't know until after purchasing them, what solid, well-made pieces of furniture they were. I know it's weird to love night stands with all of my heart, but I shall take them with me where ever I go.

I had similar heart-felt moment the other day. This time with a rug (featured above). I was perusing Caitlin Creer's blog and came across this entry aimed to help you spice up your college dorm/apartment. I thought, forget dorm! How about my future living room! I liked so many many of her ideas in this post (I'm seriously thinking of flirting with the navy/cream damask chair)--but, I loved the rug.

It is the quintessential solution and inspiration piece to the battle I have with loving color vs. not wanting my living room to look like Salma Heyak and Matthew Perry's house in the movie "Fools Rush In". Plus, I love the print. Isn't it beautiful. Dang you Anthropologie! Like any real college freshmen would ever have a $400 rug. I mean really. Maybe I could afford the 2 x 3...but you can bet no one would be wiping their feet on that welcome mat.

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