One of Phil and Ryder's favorite books to read together is "Just Me and My Dad" by Mercer Mayer from The Little Critter Series. In short it tells a story from a sons perspective about a camping trip with his dad.

So when the ward was having a father and son camp out, there was a father/son duo in this house very excited to go.

Fortunately, the book was a very good informant for Ryder on how a father/son camping trip should work.

Daddy drove the car because Ryder was too little.

Ryder helped setting up the tent.

They ate their picnic dinner from mommy (that's me).

They roasted marshmallows by the fire.

Ryder got to run around with a flashlight in the dark with a bunch of other little tykes.

They read stories.

And they got to sleep in a tent together all night long.

The next morning they even went on a little hike.

However, thanks to the book, Phil did have to do some smart talking when they didn't go on a canoe ride and that they got to watch people fish instead of went fishing themselves :)

With this walking around, I just might have to tag along next time!


  1. I loved those books as a kid! What a fun trip for Phil and Ryder!

    I can't get over how tall Ryder is getting.

  2. love it! Loved the books! They had one about moving that we used for our kids when we moved here. Ryder looks to grown up until he fell asleep.