I call this photo: Contemplating within a messy bedroom

I feel so inspired lately. I feel inspired to get organized. I feel inspired to be creative. I feel inspired to be a better mom. I feel inspired to make my house beautiful. I feel inspired to be a better missionary.  (I mean, look at that hyperlinking!)

I think a lot of it has to do with being home. Nothing brings me more joy than being in and making my home. There is something about it that brings me great peace, and therefore, hope and joy. All of which allow me to feel motivated and inspired to be my best self.

But I don't know if I would currently be infused with such inspiration had it not been for our crazy travels these past few months. I saw a lot of things. Things I wanted and things I didn't want. All things I could categorize from incredibly superficial to highly spiritual and everything in-between.

But now, I'm home*. I am in my fortress. And feel as though I can start putting those things into action.

Pros: I love feeling hopeful and inspired. It gives me the motivation to get things crossed off my list. Besides myself, I like to think my family and those I love benefit from these lofty aspirations I set for myself. Another motivational factor :)

Cons: I often feel very overwhelmed by the person I hope to be some day and a little frustrated with who I am now and the long journey I have before I'm able to reach my goals. Do you ever feel that way?

Here are some of the goals I hope to channel said inspriation into this week:
1. Go to and renew my Ensign subscription (conference is coming, people) add on the Friend for Ryder (at what age did you start getting the Friend for your children?) and a FHE manual (I'm hoping this make me better at having FHE. I hear it has magical powers), oh and of course, some unders for good measure. Who doesn't feel like conquering the world with fresh unders?
2. Practice my guitar. Something that goes so easy to the bottom of my priority list. But it's something that makes me very happy and a whatever talent I do have in it, I would really like to keep it.
3. Get my babies better. This week my best girl got the stomach flu and my best boy got a cold. And now they've decided to switch, or rather, they both have both now...nice. Please tell me by this time next week they'll both be as good as new.
4. Get on the computer less while my kids are awake. Wait. Does it matter how much I'm on while they're asleep? Baby steps, people, baby steps. This one was inspired by a talk given by Sis. Beck at our multi-huge stake conference today. She's not afraid to tell it like it is. Love her.
5. Go to bed. Now.

I know. You thought it was going to be more exciting than that. But hey, we've all got to start somewhere.

*I know "home" is wherever your loved ones are or whereever you hang your hat, yada-yada, but I'm talking about the home that I know we'll be in for more than 12 weeks, the home with my THINGS, my son's toys, my daughter's cute nursery, my bed! for heaven's sake! Call me superficial, but I have my space and I have a routine built for that space and that is that.

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  1. Maybe if you touched my hand, some of your inspiration would pass onto me. I think you should share. Maybe some your cuteness could pass over as well.

    Also, I heard the same talk and am now on the computer before I have to take care of my kids, because we can and should be doing better...