...cool wooden toys, my sister and I went to the Bijou Market this last Friday in Provo (a bunch of local Esty Shop owners). They had so many cool hand-made items from jewelry to pillows, but the thing that caught my eye and that I can't quit thinking about is this little toy camera:

I mean, seriously, how cute is that? Can you imagine, come on cute babies, lets go on a photo shoot! So could someone please help me figure out how to make these cute, over-priced (well, maybe not because even as students I came very close to throwing down and extra $50 for two of them) little wooden cameras? My favorite part is that all the knobs turn, so you can change the "mode" of your camera or put it in "focus".

And speaking of...

...cameras, I'm taking a beginning photography class. Phil and I are thinking it might be fun to put my knew knowledge to use and get a nicer camera for Christmas. However, I don't know what type of camera to buy. It comes down to a nice point and shoot. I'm thinking like a Canon Powershot (something like this one) or a DLSR...I dunno, you tell me. So calling all photography friends (you know who you are) would you be ever so kind to weigh in on what type of camera we should get considering our personal situation.

  • I don't plan ever plan on being any sort of professional photographer. My entire goal is to learn how NOT to be an idiot behind a camera, like I currently am.
  • With that said, I love to blog and would love quality, clear, bright images. Yeah, baby.
  • I do like that cool "click" noise
  • As I've mentioned before, I plan on teaching myself graphic design and being able to take good pictures will probably come in very handy.
  • I don't find myself, at my current level ever wanting or needing to change lenses. Are there any other pros to a DLSR beside that feature opposed to a nicer point and shoot?


  1. I don't know a lot about cameras, but I can tell you that I love my Nikon D90. I still need to learn how to use it though. I think the point and shoot I have is the cannon that you pictured. It takes pretty good photos, but it was so hard to keep them from being blurry when taking pictures of moving kids. Maybe I just didn't know how to use it.

  2. I have a Canon XSi and I love love love it. I did buy one lens besides the one that came with it. It's a 50mm lens and runs around $100 (super cheap in terms of lenses and great bang for your buck--makes a huge difference in photos). I'd say I have that lens on my camera 98% of the time. Anyway, I also never plan to be a professional photographer, but I love taking pictures of Eli and love having the nice blurry background that comes with a DSLR.

    However, I do find that I don't like taking it places very often outside my house unless I know the pictures would be worth it--mainly because I don't have a good easy way to take it along (I need a nice small bag) and with a diaper bag too it just seems like a lot. We got a really small point-and-shoot for the "throw in your diaper bag" purpose.

    Also, when taking pictures of moving children, you can't beat the speed of that wonderful "click" noise :).

    Essentially, I have never once regretted the investment, and I don't know any mom who only takes pictures of her kids that does!

    Good luck!

  3. I went to Pixels in Sandy a couple of weeks ago to get the scoop. The very knowledgeable man there told me the Sony alpha 500 is the best bang for your buck currently. I tested it out and have to say I was sold!

  4. Oh geez I don't know. I think you should follow Lisa's example. The XSi is a good camera and the extra $100 for a 50 mm is totally worth it. I'm excited to see what you buy! Good luck!

  5. Jazz! Glad you asked. I needed these answers too. I take 90% of my pictures with my phone. Lame. But I don't want a jumbo camera that I won't want to carry around. I need something in the middle. ps. missing you guys as the christmas party rolls around. ;)

  6. hey jazzy,

    i always recommend the cannon rebel to my family and friends. it's freaking awesome for what you want, this would be your dream package:


    ps. i have the powershot for my purse, and i've been loving it.