Okay, I think I'm done. Done with my blogging hiatus, that is. I know most people usually announce hiatuses before they actually happen. Not me. But like I said, I think I'm done now.

In all truthfulness this hiatus was very accidental. Thanks to my self-inflicted December to-do list, I blinked and we were already three weeks into the month. However, if I push rewind in slow-motion, I think I can recall some of my thoughts, actions and events from the past few weeks...
  • We had a crazy, happy Thanksgiving that was spent with my parents and my brother's family. Delicious food and gratitude was had by all.
 my brother holding Mr. E and Penelope, with her "look"
  • Ryder had a big role this year in our ward's Christmas nativity play. I mean this part was made for him! We were so proud. I mean, I don't like to boast, but he was the most dynamic and talented sheep I had ever seen. Well, maybe not, but he definitely was the cutest.

  • Sewing like a madwoman trying to get my niece and nephews' Christmas presents done. Originally, they were a cool, hand-made, inexpensive idea. Originally. I also felt in necessary to sew Penelope a birthday gift. I may have to post about these two projects later. This may or may not have had something to do with the hiatus.
  • Penelope got a never-ending virus (just congestion and a runny nose) that eventually led to a FOUR-day long fever. This had me stressed. Plus, a sad Penny= sadness all around. After this subsided she had an entire 3 days without an runny nose. Blast you, winter.

  • Have you visited the new yet? I am very impressed. Nice layout and even easier to navigate.
  • Ryder loves (with all his heart) being a reindeer. We didn't let him wear his antlers to church but he may or may not have attended church last week with a red nose.

  • I already now my next year's Christmas project. These ornaments I saw over at Say Yes to Hoboken. I haven't been able to get them out of my head. I hope to make lots (perhaps the whole alphabet?). I love the multiple colors and would think they'd be very kid-friendly as well. But that's next year.
  • And one of the biggest events of the month. This little girl turned one. There is something so relieving and great about getting a baby through it's first year. Her birthday week included making decorations for her party, putting the final touches on her birthday presents and a Christmas/Birthday pedi. In red. We were lucky to have most of my family there and even Phil's mom just happened to be in town for the big event. I'm so sad I didn't get better photos of her party. I kinda worked hard on it. But we got the girl and that's all the matters. 
*** Penelope Rae, having you in our lives has compounded our joy in ways I didn't think was possible. I love you!***

     The pedi

     Aren't these two the cutest?
    • Oh, and I got two, yes TWO whole dates with Phil this week. On Tuesday we went out to dinner up in Sundance with the professor he's been TA-ing for AND we got to go to the MOTAB Christmas Concert, which was kind of amazing. I love you Archy...uh...I mean Phil!
    • Now we're headed into another week o' fun with Christmas knocking on our door. Can't wait! Merry Christmas everyone!


    1. I love Ryder as the sheep! What a doll.

      And, those cake pictures from Penelope's birthday are precious!

      I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a great week!

    2. Happy Birthday Penelope! I can't believe she is a year already. :)
      I love the sheep costume on Ryder.
      Happy Holidays!!