We spent most of the week at my parents home, which is a Christmas haven to me. We ate like kings and made ourselves quite merry with holiday cheer.

My sister and her family came up on Christmas Eve day and Nana kicked off the evening with a Christmas treasure hunt for the grandbabes. Each "clue" had a little prize and an activity.

After a delicious dinner, we had my dad read the Christmas story while the grandkids acted out the nativity scene. Ryder was Joseph, Gracie was Mary, Jared insisted on being baby Jesus and Penny was an angel. Being the first time we tried this, I wasn't quite sure how it would go. I was left very impressed by how well everyone got into character (wouldn't you agree?)
 (lol, Jared kills me!)

 (A serious Joseph)

 (A rather beautiful angel announcing the Savior's birth!)

Jammies, brownies and A Mickey's Christmas Carol followed until...

...Christmas morn! Need I say more?

 Stockings! Look at little P, doesn't she look like a little elf or Who or something?

Bono.  Uh...I mean The Edge.


Thank you Nana and Pompa for hosting a wonderful and memorable Christmas!


  1. super fun and cute. A belated Merry Christmas to my far away friend. xoxo

  2. haha...I love the nativity! Our fmaily should be a year or so away from trying to pull something like that off! I love it...adorable!

  3. fun fun fun, then I saw Bono/the Edge!! Way to go!!! Send an autograph this way!