So about once I year I get one good hair-brained idea for a project. Two or three years ago it was this and last year it was this. The thing they all have in common: inexpensive, but a lot of work. But they don't start out that way. They start out by sounding totally awesome. This year's occurred when I was trying to get my gift for everyone figured out, a fellow MBA spouse posted a link on the MBASA Google Group (yes, there is one) about how to make your own Tee Pee. For any and all interested, it can be found here.

I thought they looked totally fun,  and better yet, incredibly inexpensive to make. (Around $12-$15 per tee pee). Nephew & niece gifts--done and done. I thought I'd make one for my brother's kids and my sister's and of course, my own, which equaled 3 total.

Now, if you were to sit down and just make one, at my sewing level, it wouldn't be so bad, some would even say easy peasy... but three may have been a tad overwhelming. Luckily, they all seemed to be pretty well received, which made my day.

  • The most entertaining part of the whole experience was pushing my monster utility cart down the isle of Lowe's with my 15 pieces of 6' long PVC pipe.
  • Funnest part: drilling the holes :) And the sewing...not cutting.
  • Hardest part: getting the pipes in the pockets. Don't ask. But if you do decide to make one, they are very serious about the measurements.


  1. I still can't believe you went to all that work!

    We love ours. G and J pull it out all the time to play spy. Very exciting. I don't know whether they should play "Indian" or "Native American". I think I've confused everyone enough to make spy the popular stand-by.

  2. Very nice! Isn't it funny how projects always seem easier in the beginning than the end? And I know how you feel about making three of them, I have to make two of at-least everything I make!

  3. Great job Jasmine! They turned out adorable!