Holding succor, balloon, & Mr. Rex's hand...while sleeping

 (I feel like the two previous photos are very symbolic of my feelings lately:)
Man oh manny, I have been so overwhelmed lately with all of the changes we have coming our way that I've been left paralyzed by multiple thoughts swarming around in my head about said changes. Not really resulting in any sort of action, mind you...just a lot of thinking and planning.

I don't know if the end of a certain phase of your life could be more defined by graduating, moving and starting a new job. I think any other phase that can get any more defined than that is marriage or the entering and exiting of children. And those phases actually are given names, for example, marriage (duh), parenthood, empty nesters. If it were to have a name, what would this phase be called....ah, yes. Employed. Or perhaps, "income recipients", or workinghood. ANYway... back to changes...

There is something about all of these things happening that screams in my head "clean slate!" I tell myself, I'm going to be a better mom. I'm going to be more organized! We're going to get a fantastic financial plan and a budget and stick to it! We're going to eat healthier! We're going to set and keep more goals! Heck, I think we even need a family motto vinyl-ized to our wall! It's better than New Years.

Maybe it's just my personality, but I'm grateful for all of these thoughts because they allow me to get excited for all of these pending changes instead of focusing on all the insecurities that come with starting over.

Without further ado here is a few highlights of the last month along with a random thought here or there of my plans to rule the world (well, to rule my world:)

-So we put the 'ol condo in Seattle up for sell. And well, that's all I really have to say about that.

-We had some fun over General Conference weekend with Phil's family. We even did a little skiing. But not during conference, silly.

-I feel like I spend a lot of my free time running. And running. During a moment of pure insanity I signed up to run the Utah Valley half marathon. Our long run this week was scheduled for 6 miles. The only thing I keep thinking is that's not even half-way yet! Hopefully, I can wrap my head around the idea that a human can physically run for 13.1 miles before I actually have to do it. Don't even talk to me about 26.2. Crazies.

-We are also in the middle of finding a place to live over there in the NYC/NJ area. It will most likely be NJ. The East Coast is tricky in that you can't seem to nail anything down until a month or two beforehand, so I'm excited to get this item checked off our to-do list.

-I feel as though I've never been as keenly aware as I am now of the charge and responsibility of being a mother in today's world. The moments of feeling guilty for wanting to be acknowledged for something outside of motherhood have morphed into moments of feeling guilty for not making my days and time spent with my children count. Between the speakers at YW General Broadcast, General Conference and the many opportunities Phil and I have had lately to listen to other admiral LDS leaders the business world through different activities and firesides I've been very motivated to be a better mom and have been inspired with some specific ways I can do so. Actually doing them? That's another story. Lately I feel like trying isn't cutting it. For me, that still provides me enough excuses to get by with mediocre efforts. I need to stop trying and actually start doing.

-Let's just apply the aforementioned thoughts to service as well. The other area in my life I've felt a strong need to improve upon.

-If you come to my house, please don't look in any of our corners, cupboards or closets, because I'm pretty sure you won't like what you find. I have completely taken advantage of the excuse (if you can even call it that), "Oh we're just moving in a few weeks so why bother." I have shoved certain responsibilities (not limited to just household chores) into the dark corners of figurative and literal closets to be dealt with at a later time. Unfortunately, that "later time" is staring me in the face.

-Phil and consequently, myself, have been hugely blessed by a personal finance class he took this semester. The course covers everything from debt and budgeting to retirement and investments. All of which are incorporated into how you want to live your life and the type of people you want to become. He was required to set long-term and short-term goals in all aspects of your life, which I feel has really helped us in feeling more secure in how we choose to govern and lead our home. Do you wish you could have access to such valuable information? Guess what? You can! His professor has all of this good stuff right here

-And last, but certainly not least, Phil graduated!!! Yay! Phew! Wahoo! There will be a graduation post coming soon. I was a dummy and forgot my camera. Thank goodness I was the only one who did :)


  1. Mind if I just copy and paste your post onto my blog, because it pretty much sums up my life too. Ok, I won't really. But I'm right there with you on most of that. Besides the running part. I'll send you a picture of Phil getting his diploma... he's right behind Jack in line, and Phil is in better focus than Jack :)

  2. Somebody needs to get you a medal, or trophy, or a statue to commemorate you for being so amazing! How do you do it all? In my next life, maybe...

  3. as I read your blog I thought, "She's to hard on herself". You are amazing NOW.
    Love ya!

  4. You are one busy woman, but sounds like you are the greatest mommy/wife. You better be treated like a queen for mother's day! :)

    Best of luck.

  5. Jazz you are amazing! I totally know what you are saying about mediocre efforts with the kids. I feel like I am in that category too! So, what are you doing to get out of it??? I have an old roommate that just moved to NJ! That is exciting! How are you guys doing all the house hunting from here??