So as I'm sure I've mentioned before (or maybe I haven't) Phil doesn't start his new job until July. Yet, he is all done with school. Which basically means for the next two months, we hang around all day twiddling our thumbs. But don't judge me too harshly because I have made an mild attempt within the last couple of days going through Ryder's and Penny's clothes and now my own. The sight of my bedroom right now could possibly make you shudder.

In a way, however, this break is good. It allows us to have the time to get everything ready for our move, spend time with family and to watch any and every bit of coverage I can find on the royal wedding. Oh, and yes, I have got more time to blog!

I thought I'd use this time share these photos I took a couple of weekends ago when some of us went up to my sisters one Saturday. All of my best photos just happened to be of my parents (with a little grandchildren on the side :) Whom I love to pieces. These are the times I cherish with my family. I will miss these casual days where we all decide to get together at the last minute. 


  1. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing, Jazzy!Love you.
    Aunt Lancy

  2. love the one with Ryder on top of Grandpa, hanging on with ears

  3. I am jealous of your couple months of play time and organization time. Enjoy it. That rarely happens :)

  4. OOH! Those turned out so cute! Your smile looks just like your mom's. SO cute! I love Penny's expressions. Also, I am seriously out of shape. I tried to run the 7-miler today and only made it to 3. Oh no! Hopefully I can run the 5k :) Sorry this post does not flow very well.