I actually made some bibs awhile ago for this little (and many times messy) face. Because you see, when it comes to toddlers eating habits, bibs are one of the few but necessary tools needed to aid making a large sized mess into a medium size mess. However, after Penny rips it off and throws it on the floor for the zillionth time they have become the bane of my existence (along with sippy cups--but that's another story).

However, this summer, I noticed my friend Claire had these cute homemade bibs for her daughter. I found out her mom had made them and after commenting on how much I liked it, her mom made one for me! I later found out that it was the perfect bib. It latched with a button so Penelope couldn't take it off, it was wide enough to cover everything and she had made them with a microfiber cloth to make for easy cleanup. I knew I had to have more! So I used the one Claire's mom made me as a pattern.

They were quite fun and easy to make. If you want the pattern, I'll make you one (you could probably make one yourself just by looking at it too). You just take some fun fabric (a great project for scraps) and purchase some microfiber cloths at the dollar store and there you go!

"You think I'm messy?!?"


  1. Those are the cutest bibs. Fun. 100 times cuter than the store options! And...yes!...a complete necessity!

  2. I love them! i made some similar for my chloe and used snaps to close them around her and love that she can't get them off! I like the microfiber idea!!!

  3. Anonymous9:37 AM

    I'm so impressed, Jazzy! You are quite the seamstress, nice photos too!

  4. Anonymous9:39 AM

    For some reason "unitas" means Aunt Lancy :-)

  5. I love your fabric!!! Cute bibs!

  6. that face! such a cute messy face. she must get it from her mama (the cute, not the messy)