See. I told you it was a charming weekend.

I tell ya, when we went up north for Mother's Day weekend, the photo ops just kept coming!

First, we went up to Odgen for a 5k at the bird refuge there. I joined my friend Claire who was training (still is, just from a distance :) with me to do the Utah Valley Half Marathon in June. And let's admit, me running is always an event worth documenting. It was such a fun morning to spend with so many cute people.

This photo makes me laugh when I see it. You have Ryder thrilled with "Chitters" (the bald eagle) while my mom dutifully cheers for the young racers.

 Aren't I a lucky girl.

We lounged around that evening and enjoyed my parents pretty backyard and the nice weather.

This is another winner. My parents are always playfully competing for the attention of their grandchildren. Here you can see who is winning (and who is losing:)

I actually got a couple of other shots that I was really excited about and wanted to edit, but I'm waiting until I learn a little more about Photoshop to do so. 

Speaking of Photoshop? Can I tell you a secret? I figure if you've read far enough to get to this point, then you probably know me well enough to know this is kind of, very, hugely exciting for me...I got a new computer :D I lovingly call her Macky. Phil said it was for my graduation present, heehee. And thanks to my wonderful Adobe-employed brother-in-law, I got the CS5 for a fantastic discount. AND it arrived in the mail yesterday! When I'm not snickering to myself in pure excitement I'm left a smidge overwhelmed with learning how to use these programs (Photoshop and Illustrator specifically), but it should be fun!! Wish me luck!


  1. Such challenging programs. I am SO jealous!!! Can't wait to see your masterpieces!

  2. That guy in the sunglasses is totally checking us out. :) And yes, we HAVE to do the 10 mile together next week.