He Delivered

My wonderful dad sent me the photos of their visit last week so now I can document our fun.  Aside from the general hanging out, catching up, showing them around town, we took one day to visit Liberty and Ellis Islands. And because seeing the city from a distance just really didn't do it for them, we took another day to go into the city. Although I think we cummulitavely walked a marathon, we were able to cover Times Square, 34th St (Empire State Building and shopping) and made our way south to the financial district to check out where Phil works and to visit the 9/11 memorial.

 Penny and Mom waiting to board the ferry! It was very rainy when we got there and later lightened up a bit. My mom had purchased a poncho at that little stand behind her. Sadly, her wearing it was something I never got to see.

 Penny and I waving 'hi!' to daddy!

 Ryder ridin' the ferry with Nana.

 We made it! To Ellis Island Immigration Island --not Migration...like you might thing from the photo. That's a whole other island entirely.  (we had to hurry, it was a hot spot for photo taking).

I can't help but looking at us all together in this photo and thinking how happy were the number or our ancestors who came through this same point. I LOVE THE U.S.A.!

 Ryder and I finding out way to the potty while inside the museum. This building was very beautiful. I would love to go back someday minus kids so I can take some more time reading and looking at everything. It totally put my mom and I in the mood to brush up on some good historical fictions  from this era. Know any good ones?

 Move over Lady Liberty! There some other LAY-DEES comin to the island today!

 I'm quite convinced my mom totally showed me up with her poses... I am not surprised.

 My handsome Daddio

 Times Square! Someone's excited!

 A little lunch here. Very fun. Nice people and very cool things to see. 

 Awwwhhh....love them

Still in Times Square...and still excited! 
Can you see the city just doesn't have the same effect on Phil anymore. The magic has just worn off for him ;)

 The magic and excitement may have worn off a smidge for all of us at this point after we discoverd we had to walk FORevA to get to the entrance of the memorial.

 We think it was worth it though.

In front of the memorial. Grateful we got to visit almost exactly 10 years later.

The Freedom Tower.

We still had a long way to walk back to catch the PATH to get home. The shortest route there was through a couple of buildings (thankfully). The final stretch was probably an uncovered 30 yards. Of course, there just happened to be a monsoon-like downpour when we poked out for the final haul. I have never been in a rain storm like that. And that's saying something here. Every man for himself! I was pushing Ryder. Phil had Penny (he bolted). My parents....all I can say is that once I was in the station I turned around and through my smeared make-up and sprinkled glasses I saw in the distance a blurry view of my mom bent over wiping her make-up off on my dad's shirt tails. This along with the hysteria only a downpour can cause made my mom and I laugh all the way from NYC to Hoboken. ~Sigh~ Still laughing about it now. 

So fun, that week was. So fun. 

Mom and Dad, I'm already planning our adventures for next time!


  1. Parents are the greatest! Love that you shared more of thier visit.

  2. I remember seeing Lady Liberty with Autumn 10 1/2 yrs ago. Awww. I love the detail about wiping makeup on the shirt! Now that's a downpour.

    Hoboken...ever try to see Carlo's Bakery? I love Cake Boss. But I hear there's a long line though.

  3. Love your excitement :-)
    I wish I could come experience your life and surroundings...

  4. I'm glad you had such a fun time with your parents!!