Back to Real Life

They came and they went; gracing us with a 5-day long burst of delight. How fun it was to see my parents and get to show them our new stomping grounds. They were a joy to have in our home and I feel like their time here flew by way too quickly.

 I love these two.

And just like any event worth capturing, I forget my camera on some our adventures (It was raining! So I opted for the point and shoot, but the battery was dead. I really did try.) Anyway, as soon as my daddio gets me some of his photos, a follow-up is an absolute must. It's totally worth the wait, I'd say.

Sadly, we partied hardy and on the morn of my mom and dad's departure, I was left with a frown and some funky head cold thing that made my noggin feel like an achy mess. I dealt with this by doing a big, fat nothing the rest of the weekend and now I must deal with the consequences. Upon the close of this weekend I must face my reality: a messy house, and a rather large stack of annoying stuff.

But it was fuuuuun while it lasted.

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  1. I'm so glad you had a great time with your parents. It's always too short, and always hard to say good-bye, isn't it?! I hope you are feeling better and your house and paperwork gets cleaned up by magic fairies!