Bronchitis & Potty Training

As it turns out, it seems as though that silly bronchitis that I had almost a month ago decided to make a come back. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't frustrated and that if this bronchitis had a face, I'd punch it. Not to mention I'm not exactly jumping up and down about how great I've been feeling this pregnancy. I'm always surprised how depressed it can make you feel to be in discomfort and not really being able to see the end in sight or knowing it will only get worse before it gets better.

However, the better part of me knows, I really don't having anything to feel sorry for myself about. In the grand scheme of things, this is embarrassingly minor. I also know growing this little baby will be worth every ounce of pain or discomfort felt in the next three months. So in a small attempt to keep the grumpiness at a minimum, I thought it might be fun to list all of the things that I so desparately want to happen, that WILL happen all in due time:

1. I looking forward to a time when I can clean out and organize my car.
2. I dream of a super organized basement.
3. I would like to purchase a label maker (I could get a lot of use out of it super organizing my basement)
4. I'm excited to feel attractive again.
5. I can't wait to have a regular energy level and want to do things after 7 pm.
6. I want to want to decorate, because I know I really do love it.
7. One day I will get around to doing fun projects, because I know I love those too.
8. I know this probably won't happen, but I'd like to never take good health for granted again and feel grateful for times I get to workout. (Bawhahah, hee-hee, haha)

It's all gonna happen! One day. Just you wait and see.

Oh wait! Wait, wait, wait.  How could I forget--I (we) have been crossing something pretty major off our list these last couple of weeks...#2 is potty trained!

And according to these photos, you would think that the whole experience was nothing but one huge par-tay!

And for the most part, it was pretty easy going and now she's doing great and has even woke up with a dry diaper the last 4 nights (although I hate to say so, because I don't want to jinx anything:)

Way to go Penny!


  1. shucks, let me know how you do it when you want to do things after 7 haha...we've digressed. Your kids are so cute -- you're right...they're worth everything!

  2. sorry you've been sick. glad that penny got the potty training down quick for you though!!

  3. Congrats on Penny!

  4. I feel ya girl! This whole pregnancy thing has gone on long enough - right?! The terrifying thing for me though, is that I realize in spite of my size and lack of energy I am pretty sure things are going to be a whole lot harder AFTER this little one is yeah, not comforting! :)

    I'd say potty training is a pretty big one to cross off your list! We are still working on our stubborn little girl on that one. Please pass along some helpful tips my way!!

  5. I am so sorry you're sick! It really does feel relentless when you're pregnant, doesn't it? I am slightly envious that Penny is potty trained. Good going on that one!

  6. One of my goals in life is to type in the weird phrase that proves I'm not a robot correctly the first time around.