Excited for Summer!

I can't help but wake up every morning with a lilt in my step and a sparkle in my eye because fun times are ahead! Besides a packed Memorial Day weekend we plan on spending with friends doing fun things, we take off next week to Utah to see the fam! Oh, how I love being excited for things...it may not be half the fun but the anticipation is a good chunk of the fun.

This summer will also bring a cute baby girl, who I am dying to meet. I want her in my arms, not in my tummy. I'm even ready for those sleepless nights. Let's get the party started, I say! But alas, that one is still a few more weeks away (9 and a half to be exact, but who's counting?)

Another thing that the beginning of summer means, is that school comes to an end (I know not for most people, but it does for a relaxed preshcool co-op!) We sure did love Ryder's little preschool group this year. Penny, especially loved being involved when she could as well. Here are some fun photos I got of their last "official" day and at their "end of the year party".

"Say Cheese"
We were learning about cameras that day...

The Party!
We went to a park and had a very fun scavenger hunt made by one of the other mom's. 

 (Natalie reading a pirate story and the creator of this very fun activity)

 Can you tell Ryder LOVES his little preshcool group? We'll definitely miss it and our friends this summer. 


  1. I would def agree that anticipation is a good chunk of the fun! I don't think I will ever be one of those moms that can just spring something fun on my kids - because I love to see how excited they (and I) get.
    Love how Ryder is like a head taller than everyone in his class - haha!
    Can't wait to see your little darling - best of luck in these final weeks!

  2. Adorable preschool bunch!

    I just love the anticipation to a fun trip, weekend or afternoon!!! The build is the best!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Such cute kids. I couldn't help but feel sad as I didn't see K in there as well.