Memorial Day Weekend

Holy Moley we've been having quite a bit of fun. We went from our packed Memorial Day weekend right into packing and making preparations for our Utah trip, which is why this is post is a little delayed.  

The weekend started with our ward's father/son campout. This is Ryder's second campout and he gets soooo excited (mostly, because I know Phil makes it something to be very excited about). It's becoming a very special tradition that Phil and his boy get to share together. Pen and I also enjoyed a leisurely girls night at home. 

Saturday, we joined some friends and the Jones Beach Airshow on Long Beach--with the Blue Angels. We had a terribly fun time playing on the beach while the coolest entertainment flew over our heads. Kids and adults alike had a blast.  So much fun, in fact, it was so much fun that I'm going to spare you the details about our  hideous drive home that involved getting stuck in the middle of Manhattan during rush hour. Where a regularly 1 1/2 hour drive turned into a 3 1/2 hour drive. I know everyone who ever has anything to do with NYC just thinks it the bomb-diggity-bomb, but as I was sitting there staring at it for 2 hours, overrated kept coming to mind. Sometimes I think its just a giant black hole for lost souls. I'm sure my current circumstance had nothing to do with my opinion at that time. I have a complicated love/hate relationship with that city...anyway! Back to the airshow:

 Us with our friends, the Robinsons

 Yay for the Blue Angels!

All my cute a couple of random people watching the air show :) (for the life of me I tried to photoshop them out, but couldn't figure out how if the person I wanted gone overlapped onto the people I wanted any of you know how?)

 Becky Becks and me:)

 Ryder and Mariah

 What our backseat looked like before we even pulled out of our parking space.

On Monday, we went to our wards annual Memorial Day BBQ and good times were had by all.
However, it was a little hot 
 Luckily, there was ice...

...and a lot of baked goods.

It's been so great to kickstart our summer off with so many fun things. Which is good because after we get home from Utah and I start to enter my final 6 weeks of pregnancy, things will start getting a bit more laid all we do is "sit in front of an air conditioner" type of laid back. Hooray for summer!


  1. great pictures...looks like a wonderful weeekend.

  2. fun fun fun, you look adorable!

  3. You look like the cutest pregnant woman ever! You guys look like you're having fun. How long are you going to be in Utah?