Utah Trip: Part I

We've now been home for about a week and a half from our Utah vacation and I feel like it's taken about that long to get readjusted back to real life. What can I say? I'm a slow mover these days.

It was so very nice to spend time with family and I can't deny that it did feel splendid to enjoy wide open spaces, driving that made sense, beautiful mountain scenery, nice, calm people and all my favorite options when it comes to shopping and dining.

 We stayed the first week with my parents where we got to see my brother and sister and their families. All of us drove to Downey to meet my brother and Co. at my grandparents' house. The cousin count is now 9 strong! Soon to be rounded out to a nice 10:)

 Haha....oh man...


 It's been awhile since we've got a picture of this!

Love them. 

We also got to have the our first ever cousin sleepover! A day I've been excited for since they were all newborns. Our picture taking was limited because they kept telling us to get out and close the door.

We then took a little drive to Autumn's neck of the woods to check out where they'll be building their new home and check out some other model homes while we were there. Afterwhich we went to her house for a little BBQ and play.

And of course, relaxed in my parent's beautiful home while enjoying my dad's delicious meals and nice long chats with my mom...ahhh, so rejuventating for me.

Any guesses as to why we took over a dozen photos of my parents' street sign (formerly my street sign)??? 

If your asnwer is that it's because it's what I really, really want to name our little baby girl, but my husband can't decide if that really what he wants to name our baby girl, than you answered correctly! 

Only time will tell!


  1. You know I love the name Hazel! Good luck convincing your hubby!!

  2. what fun cousin times and pictures.
    you look great!

  3. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Thanks for the fun update! You shared great pictures, too. I hope you're feeling well, Sweetie.
    Love, Aunt Lancy

  4. I second the love for Hazel! And just picturing your other kids and imagining what she will look like I think it will be such a cute name for her! Isn't agreeing on names so tricky?

  5. I like the name Hazel. There use to be a fun TV show about a maid named Hazel. She was fun.

  6. I'm so happy that you had a wonderful trip to see your family. I think Hazel is a lovely name! You look beautiful, as always!

  7. We miss you!
    Love the photos. They make me weepy.
    Good luck with the heat!

  8. Ok. I was SO close to naming Norah Hazel!!!! I love the name but of course Nate had other ideas. I'm sad we missed you by one week! We are in Utah now seeing family before we move to Australia. :(

  9. When Autumn told me about the name I got all excited. It's just perfect. But if you two decide on another, it will be great too. (Hazel, Hazel!)

    Oh how I love those pictures of your great family!

  10. I liked that name as well and had it on the list but can't remember why it got vetoed. Ahhh names....so many on the X list :) How's it going friend?

  11. Jazz! So fun to see you guys last week in NJ! I still can't believe that we got out there and *poof* friends from "home" were there too! :) You look great Mama and your kiddos are PRECIOUS! I can't WAIT for Maya to be Pen's age. So so great! And now... a new little girl coming...! Best wishes for the final weeks. And I'll get on board too... love the name Hazel. :) Derek and I went round and round about naming Maya (Sydney) after someone or just a name we both liked. And we decided Sydney Sylte was too many SSSSS and YYYYY... :) So that became her middle name. But we thought - how cool to name her after a place that is unique to her and only her and to us as a family.