Utah Trip: Part II

So if I blog about "Part I" of a vacation, one would think in the very least there was a "Part II", right? And you would be right.

After spending about a week with my parents, Phil's family came up to meet us in Utah. We stayed in a condo up Ogden Canyon. The first day, we went to Lagoon. 
 These two are ready to ride some rides!

 As you can see, it wasn't only the kids who were excited to be there.

 As it turns out, getting a good photo of my kids on the merry-go-round is really tricky. This is the best one I could come up with.

 Grandma with her grandgirls

 Even though being pregnant and having a strong aversion to rides in general might prevent one from enjoying themselves at Lagoon, I wouldn't have traded watching these two riding rides for the world. So much funner than riding rides myself. I got ridiculously emotional each time my little babies got strapped into the seat of a mini-transportation vehicle that went around in circles. Phil is still in the dog house for taking Penny on Puff the Magic Dragon without telling me. 

 Aunt Carly also had a birthday while we were there.

 And we got to celebrate it at Great-grandma & Great-grandpa Shorten's house

 Some more family photos!

And of course, a cousin shot before church!

A rather successful vacation, I'd say. For me, it doesn't get more ideal then seeing all of our favorite people and having fun while doing so! It was a perfect start to our summer.


  1. that great grandparent picture is beautiful!

  2. LOVE the pics!! Do you have more you could send my way? Thanks for being a great photographer:) Miss you!