Summer Time=Fun Time

I must say I have been enjoying this summer quite a bit. I've just loved the long days, cold treats, our pool pass and really, not doing a whole lot (oh, there we go--that's why it's been so fun :)

I'll have to write about the more layed back times in another post, but after we got back from Utah we did have a few outings that are totally worth mentioning.

In June, Phil's best friend, Derek's older brother, Adam got married (did ya follow that?). And guess where? NJ! His new bride is from here and they had their wedding a mere 20 minutes from where we live. It was so very nice to see a bunch of sweet, familiar faces over on this side of country....a very happy and convenient coincidence, indeed.

 Chillin' at Liberty Park while waiting for the ceremony to start

Here I am at...almost 35 weeks, I think 

 I love those rare moments when they can enterain themselves:)

All of us with Monica and Derek (Thanks Sylte's for this great shot!)

A couple of weekends later, Phil "asked" if he could take the kids to the Bronx Zoo for Amex's Corporate Day. (Probably, knowing I would be more of wet towel on an outing that required any sort of stamina, he happily volunteered to take them by himself.)  Ummm....yes...are you sure?: was my answer.  Seriously, though, that is no small task. I'm talkin' one hour train ride, plus a 20 minute subway ride each way. And that's if you don't run into closed subways that cause you to add on another crammed bus ride and a subway detour, which he did, of course (#iheartnyc). I love that man. And so do his kiddos. Luckily, I think they did have quite a bit o' fun.

Ryder and Pen in their 3D glasses for the Dora movie 

Ryder checkin' out an exhibit 

Pen on the carousel at the zoo

And last but not least, a hip and happenin' Fourth of July! It was a weird, but relaxing week since it fell on a Wednesday. We spent the morning at the pool and then went to a Soldiers Memorial Park for music and fireworks in the evening. We went with our friends, the Robinson's and later met up with a bunch of people in our ward. I was also delightfully surprised with the quality of the fireworks. It was a good show and fun was had by all.
 They were handing these glasses out at the pool

 Me at 38 weeks. And just in case you're wondering the next pregnant photo of myself (if there is any) better be of me in a hospital bed.

Kiana and Penelope

Elena, Mariah & Ryder  (Thanks Becky for the photo)


  1. you have beautiful pictures in this post! You look beautiful!

  2. You look great! Your kids are getting so big.

  3. You look really really good Jasmine!! I can't believe you're 9 months pregnant in that last one. And of course your kids are so stinking cute too--can't wait to see a new cutie on the blog here soon!