Hazel Ane

She's here! She's finally here! Yesterday, our Hazel Ane turned officially one week old and we're bursting at the seams with gratitude to have her with us.

She came to us weighing in at a healthy 9lbs 7oz! Our biggest baby thus far. However, any sort of complications that can come with bigger babies was quickly threw to the wayside. In short, she came out like a champ (with very little damage to her mommy) and has been eating great. 

Sigh, relief...

Joy, bliss...

Cutting the cord...

Here's our girl! She had the cutest dimple in the middle of her nose when she first came out.

Here we are getting acquainted...

The next morning, Ryder and Penny came to visit and they got Hazel a Hungry Caterpillar rattle. (She loved it:)

Here Hazel is meeting some more very important people, her brother and sister.

Ryder and Penny have been so sweet about their new little sister...

Something I've been very grateful for...

 I always seem to forget that complicated overwhelming/joyful feeling that comes with bringing home a new baby.  Not to mention our family now is SO HUGE. There's a whole five of us now! (Of course, I remember thinking the same thing after Pen was born too :) I'm still trying to wrap my head around being a mother of three...if any of you out there have any advice, let me know! Luckily, I have a few more days of Phil's blessed paternity leave before I have to start figuring it out:)

And as you can see we did end up naming her Hazel. Her middle name is also special. We decided on Ane (pronounced Anne) after her very faithful and brave ancestor, Ane Larsen Andersen. We thought it was quite fitting for having a due date on Pioneer Day.

Sweet Hazey, we are so glad you're here. You have already been such a blessing to this home. We love you a million times over!


  1. She is beautiful! Those pictures of Ryder and Penny loving her made me cry! Love it! Glad everything went so smoothly!

  2. Congrats! She is adorable. I have no advice to give as a mother of three (as I still have no idea what I'm doing!)....just remember that the baby phase goes faster with each one, so enjoy it!!

  3. Congratulations, she really is gorgeous. What perfect hair, too! You guys have such a beautiful family.

  4. So happy for you and your darling family.

    Have I mentioned I love her middle name?

  5. I'm so happy for you! You have such a beautiful family and I LOVE her name!!!

  6. Beautiful Family! Good luck figuring things out, you'll be great at it!

  7. She is so cute! Wow! So happy for you guys. She has amazing hair. Did all you kids have so much hair? I am sure you will figure it all out. You are great!

  8. OH she is beautiful! Congratulations, Jasmine! And what a beautiful and unique name. Hooray!

  9. What a beautiful baby! Congrats. Good luck with nursing, sleeping, and siblings. Three seemed overwhelming to me at first, but we all slowly adjusted. Praise and love those older siblings as much as you can! And kiss those darling baby cheeks for me.