Well, I'm on day 3 of 3 sans Phil. I've been telling people it's not so bad as long as I don't have to do anything or go anywhere. As long as I make sure to only fill my day with diapers, nursing, potty runs (which only happen while I'm nursing), naps, less than mediocre meals and picking up a toy here and there--I can do this thang!

I only get overwhelmed when I think of eventually having to run errands or doing anything fun and interesting with three kids. I'll just stay at home's such a nice safety net.

Ironically, not getting out of the house is one of the hardest things I find about those first few weeks with a newborn. And I'm that odd sort of duck where the longer I don't do something the more anxious and overwhelmed I get about doing it. So today was the day. I picked the easiest outing I could think of--taking the kids on a walk at a nearby park. We could make it home quickly if we had to and for a baby girl who despises her carseat, I thought a little stroll in said carseat would be a good way for her to get used to it.

How did it go? Well, besides getting ready and in the car actually taking two times longer than the time we were actually at the park, it was a minorly successful outing. Hazel only screamed a little bit. Penny only fell and scrapped her knee once and I think it's only like 99% humidity out there as opposed to 100%.

Alas...we needed to start somewhere. We'll try again soon, maybe tomorrow even (or maybe not). We'll perfect our getting ready routine in order to beat the heat and enjoy ourselves a little longer. That's my game plan, people :)


  1. i admire you. I don't think I could do it! Yay for you!

  2. Way to go! I'd say just making it out the door in general should be considered a success. I really think those first 6 weeks with a newborn are pure survival mode, and I imagine that no matter how many you have it will always be that way. I love the pictures of her, she is so so cute!

  3. So cute and sweet. I love all your kids.

    Way to go on the outing! I think you were very brave.

  4. Keep up the simple routine. We figured every added person adds an hour to leaving the house and double the laundry. Hazel is beautiful! and so is everyone else.