Dinosaur Museum

A couple of weeks ago, our little preschool group + siblings all went to a little museum to specifically see their dinosaur exhibit. We had been studying dinosaurs in preschool for a couple of months and after a couple of them caught wind that we were thinking of taking a field trip to "The Dinosaur Museum" we were expected to deliver.

The boys checking out the teeth.

 The dinosaur museum in this particular museum was a bit on the smaller side, but the company was great and there was a lot of other cool things for them to look at.

The girls in the dinosaur nest 

Penny was SO excited she got to tag along. She pretty much participates (as much as she can) any time  we have preschool at our house, so she thought she was quite the big girl to be hanging with her preschool friends.

R & P doing their best to make dinosaur faces for the camera 

R & P playing with the train at the train exhibit 

Me with my besties in front of some raptors!

Photography Notes: I have yet to master any sort of photography skills in regard to shooting indoors and "on-the-fly". I find the group or model dispersing by the time I figure out what settings will work best. As you will notice there is no sort of consistency with the lighting. That's why I never take my camera on outings--because I'm so slow at capturing real life and I get easily frustrated:) need to start working on that...

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