Who Would Have Thought?

Good times are being had around here! We had our first set of guests come to stay with us over General Conference weekend.  One of Phil's bestest friends along with his little family graced us with a fun visit. Besides being a huge fan of him and his awesome wife, it was so great to have our kiddos play together. Who would have thought these two friends would each have his own adorable daughter(s) one day?

Of course, Penny loved Nadine

Luckily, my parents arrive tomorrow. I fear if any more time passes before another delightful distraction, I just might have time to get overwhelmed enough about moving to actually do something about it. I almost got there today, but thankfully, I was smart enough to call my mom who reminded me we'll be par-tay-ing in less than 24 hours. Phew, productivity averted.

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