More NJ Fun

Sunday we were able to have our little angel baby blessed. (I need to get some photos of her in her all gussied up in her gown). As my parents ended their stay with little Hazel's blessing, Phil's parents started out theirs, so we've been able to continue all the fun throughout the week.

Some of the highlights included an evening spent in downtown Summit, looking around shops, playing at the park and going out to dinner. Ryder and Penny even lucked out with some free balloons from a party shop owner closing up for the day!

And of course, more pumpkins! This time we went to Hillview Farms in Gillette, which was fun because they had some peacocks that Ryder could have spent all day looking at. 

(I know what you're thinking--but there really were peacocks there, not just Hazel in her bow)

Phil and I feel so very blessed to have had both our parents here (especially, since we're so far away) for such a special little event.

Now...back to reality!

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  1. Thinking of your family during this crazy time in jersey! Hope everyone is safe and dry!

    Many prayers! xo