Hurricane or Halloween/Trick or Treat?

There are so many things to post about and I'm wondering do I start with the hurricane or Halloween? The bad or the good? The trick or the treat?

I say the TREAT!

Speaking of treats, here is a little eye candy....just because...well, because they're sisters and they match and they're cute.

And just in case you thought the hurricane deprived us of all Halloween festivities, I'm here to set the record straight. The Friday before Miss Sandy arrived we had a Halloween play group. Let's pause to play a game of 'I Spy'.

Can you spy with your little eye a Ryder and a Penny? 
We're abiding by the honor system here, so don't cheat and scroll down!


Here they are! Did you find them? For Halloween 2012, Ryder was Spiderman, 
Penelope was "Brave"... 

 ....and Hazel? Well, she was a zebra, of course!

The next day we had our ward's Fall Festival which included a trunk or treat on one of the most beautiful fall days I've ever seen. The calm before the storm, I'd say.

 Hazel neighing

 Phil manning the trunk...and treaters :)

Oh...that wig...


  1. You've sure made the world a cuter place!

  2. Penelope as Brave is THE CUTEST and most hilarious. I love it!

  3. Oh that wig is right!!! hahaha I love the costumes.

  4. That's the best wig I saw all Halloween!

  5. I am cracking up over that wig. How adorable! Norah will have to borrow that next year!!! That looks like so much fun.

  6. NICE costume, Penelope! You got a Halloween "trick", but it looks like you still got treats!