Hazel in her Blessing Duds

For someone who desires to know how to take decent picture as much as myself, you'd think I'd have a lot more patience for the craft. For example, after returning home from church after Hazel's blessing, I "forgot" to take photos of Hazel and everyone because the voice of our (Hazel's and mine) sweats calling our name, was just so stinking distracting, that there was no ignoring it. Sigh~ It's just that sometimes I'd rather smell my own children's stinky feet rather than gathering everyone together in an uncomfortable pose for five whole minutes, hoping they will all smile and look at the camera the same time.

Anyhow, it is for this reason I'm now getting around to taking some photos of Hazel in her blessing dress.

"I'm sorry, you're doing what?"

 See she is my daughter.

But like every pretty girl, she decided to rally:

 "Who me?"

She was begging me to get her good side




 One musn't forget the shoes.

Trying not let on she's getting a little tired...

 ...one more for the fans...

"No more!"

...oh the drama... :)

Dearest Hazel, 
Your blessing was wonderful and perfect-just like you. I look forward to watching you grow into the beautiful person I know you'll be one day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to live with our family. You bring my crazy amounts of joy.

Love you forever,


  1. I'm seriously dying of cuteness!

    So very pretty and sweet. :)
    Thanks for posting.

  2. beautiful pictures. the blessing day is always too hectic. i do a post blessing photo shoot too!

  3. there are tears here! so sweet!