Rewind: Family Christmas Party

A couple of days before Christmas we drove up to Downey, Idaho to my Grandma and Grandpa Salvesens for a grand 'ol Christmas celebration with all of us together. We had lunch, visited, played a Christmas scavengar hunt with the kids and opened cousin Christmas jammies! The current tally (and probably final total is: 10 grandkids (6 boys and 4 girls).

Here's Jared proudly displaying his new Christmas monster jammies

 Here are all of those nice, sweet, handsome boys (Grandpa, that includes you too!)

Ah...that's more like it

Here is Nana with all her grandgirls--sans Hazel

And after much toil, patience and a bunch of adults behind the scenes calling names, doing silly dances and making funny faces--here is everyone with G & G Salvesen...

...sans Ezra...dangit! 
 You see, he just wasn't in the mood. So he gets his own picture.

A sweet shot of Grandma Great and Hazel Ane

And to finish it off: TyTy. Because well, he's just so stinkin' cute.

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