Hazel's Milestones

It seems as though overnight Hazel became mobile. It was like one day she learned to crawl and then the next day she figured out how to pull herself up. Standing is her new passion. That's all she wants to do. She likes to find the sharpest, most precarious edges in the house to pull herself up on. She then holds on for dear life while her little legs wobble as though she's trying to set some sort of record. I'm confident that if there were a baby version of Survivor, she'd do awesome in the immunity challenges.

She's also at that glorious stage where she puts everything in her mouth. Every intake of breath, hiccup, or abnormal sound coming from her mouth makes me think she's choking on something. Sad to say, half of the time I'm right. Today alone, I've already swipped five random items out of her mouth. She's like a human lint roller.

She has also been teething a lot--or so we think since at almost eight and half months, they have yet to make an appearance.

And as for her obsession with the headless Strawberry Shortcake doll...well, there's no explaining that one. 

Her Jane of the Jungle pose 


  1. haha...the strawberry shortcake doll is hilarious to me!!! She is a doll.