Frozen Phenomenons

Let me guess. You thought I was going to talk about the mooovie, Frozen. Because, well, any movie's soundtrack that has the power to entertain pretty much any group of children for at least a half hour or more is a phenomenon in my book. I just try to ignore the fact that Penny's favorite line she keeps belting out on repeat is "that perfect girl is gone!"

No, no. I'm here to talk about a different frozen phenomenon.

On Martin Luther King Day, Phil had the day off, so we thought we would be good parents and take our young saplings out into the world for a fun and educational experience that would inevitably create lasting memories.

(Here, Phil had them get in some sort of slippery crater for a fun photo op)

We chose the Ice Castles in Midway. And although our hearts were in the right place, our ideal outing ended up being a little rough around the edges. I guess all in all considering, I'd give it a 6 out of 10-- which when you think about it, with three kids under 6, is pretty respectable. The ice was gorgeous. I just wanted to sit there and take photo after photo...and so did the hundreds of other people there.

Sadly, it was waaaay too crowded to enjoy its full potential. After waiting in line for a half an hour, we entered a mass of people walking around in what I can best descibe as deep ice gravel, many of whom were holding on to each other for dear life to avoid falling. Plus, I couldn't help but notice all the employees had helmets on...which really made me want to ask them if there was a chance that one of these ginormous icicles could fall on our head...but why ask questions we already know the answers to? And there is the possibility we could have dressed our children a tad bit warmer. But you live and learn, but in the end we were glad to get out of the house and see something you don't see everyday.


  1. gorgeous pictures. the photo op picture is awesome!

  2. I love this, mainly because of all the "We loved the Ice Castles" posts I kept seeing on Facebook and Instagram for like, two weeks straight. Finally the truth is told!

  3. We need to go see them before they're gone!