General Conference Weekend

I remember there being a gradual, but noticable transition from my young toleration of 8 hours of speakers to my ardent love for a weekend I enjoy more than most holidays. I know a huge part of this transition had to do with my mom. I knew it was something my mom loved and got excited about and so I wanted to love and be excited about it too. It went from thinking the one out of the four sessions (Sunday morning) that my mom required us to watch was sooo long and boring, to tolerating both Sunday sessions while coloring and doing puzzles, to my mom challenging me to actually trying to listen to what the speakers were saying, to working in the Saturday sessions while blairing them on every TV and every radio throughout our house while we did our Saturday morning chores. It was at this point I start catching phrases here and there that made an impact. 

It was soon after this, I was able to appreciate the knowledge and revleation given. And beside it being the opportunity to listen to prophetic counsel in today's confusing world, as a result, it became one of my most treasured traditions. 

I mean, seriously, sitting around with your family while listening to the celebrities of guidance and inspiration? It doesn't get any better that. 

On Sunday, we had my sister's family and parents over for the morning session. 

The kiddos colored...

all of us ate... (or mooched)...

these cute boys studied up on how to draw mystical creatures....

others of us just sat there and looked cute...

Penny was victorious in finding someone to scratch her arm...

And of course, puzzles (or assisting with puzzles)...

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to hear our Prophet and apostles testify of Christ and offer words of comfort and encouragement. If you missed it, check it out here. 


  1. I first loved it when I was a young adult, watching in my bed with one of my BFF's on a Saturday morning, drinking an icy cold beverage and eating frozen chocolate chip cookies. I crave those two weekends a year - and not just because of the snacks, no church meetings/emails/phone calls and sweats-wearing. I need to hear the inspired thoughts, guidance and teachings almost as much as I need air, water, food and sleep.

    1. Amen and amen! I would love watching conference with you!

  2. Loved this Jazz -- great pictures and fun family gathering! I miss you guys!

  3. Laurie Shorten1:10 PM

    That last comment was mine -- don't know how that name got attached to it :)

    1. Thank you! We miss you guys too!

  4. such a sacred weekend on so many levels.