Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving was rockin' this year.  Our grateful gathering was graciously hosted by my parents in their beautiful home. AND this was the first holiday in awhile with my entire family. PLUS, my grandpa came. So, as you can see, it was a rockin' good time.

I've always really enjoyed the formula my family follows during Thanksgiving.

A. The Feast. This usually happens in the early afternoon, around a time you would have a late lunch, which is pefect timing for finding everyone in a perfect state of hunger.

B. The Veg. The visit. And unfortunately, the clean-up, along with the one poor soul who decides to take on the mission of strategically finding a location for all the leftovers in the refrigerator and the other poor soul who gets stuck at the sink only to leave with water all over their tummy. This year since we had all our tiny kiddos, we played Bingo where the winners (everyone) got to go shopping at Nana's 'Bingo Botique'. What grandchild doesn't love a Bingo Boutique? I don't know, because I have yet to find one.

C. The Movie. Every Thanksgiving we go see a late afternoon/early evening movie. We take careful time to pick a choice everyone will enjoy. Obviously, the last few years the movie choice has been dictated by our children, so this year we saw The Good Dinosaur. It was entertaining, but my favorite part was during the emotional ending, I turned around to see tears streaming down Penny's face.

D. The Pie. After we get back from the movie, we break out the pie! No need to explain the wonderfulness of this variable.

Oh, how I love Thanksgiving.

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