Penny's Birthday & Christmas

Penelope Rae turned six! I personally believe Penny would qualify for a fantastic perpetual six-year-old. I'm already not looking forward to her turning seven. She's fun, dramatic, charming, kind and determined. We kicked off Christmas vacation with Penelope's birthday party. We always like to go up to Tremonton for a couple of days before Christmas for some good cozy fun. This year we decided to celebrate her while we were there. 

While we were in Tremonton we made some time for play in my parent's winter wonderland. 

We came home a day before Christmas Eve just in time for our viewing of The Christmas Carol in Christmas jammies with some Christmas cocoa. Something I'm thinking of refering to as the 'Triple C Tradition' for future Christmases.

We woke up Christmas Day to presents, cinnamon rolls and a very thick blanket of snow, which only slowed us down mometarily on our way to my sister's for Christmas lunch and fun.

And that along with a relaxing and lazy Christmas break brings our calm and happy 2015 to a close. Something for wich I'm so grateful to our Heavenly Father.

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