Back to School, Back to Life

There is going to be a rather large section of record that is missing from the Shorten Family History due to my inability to function with change on the horizon. Around the turn of last year, we made the decision to build a home and move to sister's hood (still the same city).  Perhaps I'll write about that later along with everything else I've missed this year....a highlight reel perhaps--wouldn't that be fun! But until then, the only way for me to get back on track here is to just start. So I thought the kids going back to school is as good as place as any to getting back to blogging.

About two days after moving in the first week of August, we took off for a family reunion in Idaho. We returned with one week to spare before we embarked back into the life of rigid routines and overlapping schedules. This week also happened to include Ryder's birthday...if I could go back and do it all over again, I would have delivered him on his actual due date and not ten days later which always manages to fall a day or two before the first day of school. But alas, there are some things you just can't control. Back to Ryder's birthday celebration. Ryder picked his favorite birthday meal, breakfast burritos to feed everyone and a doughnut cake topped with dynamite candles. He opened presents and then we went the movie, Pete's Dragon.

Our sweet boy is getting older and wiser too, I believe. Slowly and surely. He is caring, thoughtful and funny and I just love saying goodnight to him before he goes to bed because he always, always hugs me (really) tight and asks me how my day was. He's a brave soul for being our first child and I'm so grateful for the patience he shows us as we're navigating parenthood. Ryder, I love you so very much!

And somewhere in the middle of all of that we fit in a back to school shindig/fashion show. It's just all, ya know...tradish.


The next day was Sunday, where we had out back to school dinner. We ate one of our current favorite dinners are tostadas with pineapple pico de guillo and had peaches and cream for dessert. Phil gave us all a priesthood blessing for the new school year and we talked about our new theme for the year:

"Live in Thanksgiving Daily" (Alma 34:38)

And I think maybe, just maybe, we got them all ready and set for the first day at a brand-new school. (Phew!)

I didn't really have time to think about what life would be like with my two oldest both in school all day, so the wonderfulness of it all came as a pleasant suprise. I still have Hazel who is just in preschool for three days a week, but it's so nice to have the first half of the day to gear up for when they come home. 

Back to Hazel going to preschool. Well, after a brief moment of sadness, it was just so fun to see her delight. Plus, I know now, letting them go to Kingergarten is WAY harder than preschool, so I might as well save up my nostolgic, meloncholy sadness for next year. She was so excited to get going on things she's watched her brother and sister do each year. As you can see, she gave her first day two thumbs up! She was also so excited to start soccer because at the end of a game she gets a treat. And truly, isn't that what life is all about?

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