Happy February!

We're here, we made it. I think any Seattleite (or anyone with a winter) can agree it feels good to get through January. Not only is one of the coldest months of the year over, but you have a small sense of completion...one down eleven more to go. Or in my case three down, six more to go. Either way, welcome to a new month! February is a good time. It has Valentine's Day, it has Phil's birthday, it has my parents' anniversary, it even has my best friend's wedding (so I get to see my family and friends, woo woo!!) and if none of the above apply to you, remember, it's the shortest month of the year. Another reason month #2 is so cool is because I have this really nifty calendar at work that not only rips off month by month but allows me to see one month behind and even better, two months in adance! So, this morning, while I was getting satisfaction out of ripping the old months away, guess what month now appears on my calendar? April...do you know what April is? Spring! April is totally a spring month. March...kind of, but April--totally. I tell you all of this because I have been getting huge surges of Spring Fever lately, which is probably another reason I like February--one month closer to spring and summer. (I just found a little bit of peanut butter from breakfast on my coat button...hmmm) So, to any of you feeling the winter blues, no worries, because winter is slowly on its way out. Also, I have a matter of business to discuss. Since I sent out this blog in August, I admittedly failed to post consistenly (or failed to post at all for like three months). Anyhow, I just wanted my viewers to know (at this point, mom and autumn) that I am starting anew. I am going to post weekly. Enough to keep ya'll comin back, but not so much that I begin to run out of things to write about. I am also going to make an effort to post photos and graphics...today is my meager attempt at some graphics. All right, that is all. Have fun welcoming in February!!!


  1. Yeah! I love your idea to blog weekly. I need to make that goal myself. Right now it's more like once every two weeks. I agree we've finally made it to February. I almost a watering can at the store today.

  2. Jasmine, I've been a faithful viewer since you started the blog, and I'm excited about weekly updates! I should get better about that myself...