Private and Pics

Hey all, as promised I'm posting photos from our vacation below. Before I do however, just in case you didn't read my post about my exciting vacation adventures, you probably didn't see at the end I was thinking about changing my status to 'Private'. This is still the case, SO if you want access to my blog please jot down your email address or send it to me at: jasmine[dot]shorten[at]gmail[dot]com

This makes me tad sad because I'm giving up the whole exciting mystery aspect of blogging. Ya know--who is going to find your blog? Or who already has but is just to chicken to comment on it? (Luckily, it doesn't take away from who's blog can I find but I'm too chicken to comment it, so just because I'm doing it doesn't mean you need to, okey dokey :) This is one of the funner parts about blogging to me, but my reasoning (mainly safety issues) is important too. However, with that said, don't be shy and send those emails people! Because if you like my blog (or me for that matter), I like you :)

Now for photos:

Ryder bathing at Grandma's. He's a little excited he's getting away with breaking the rules (standing in the bathtub).

Fouth of July family photo. Arent' the matching boys so cute!? (I did that).

Ryder and me at Bar J Wranglers. That good lookin' woman on the left is my mom. Woo, woo!

View of Jenny Lake from our boat

A little worse for the wear--me in front of a water fall

This is the best. Ryder fell asleep on our hike--sideways. Phil had to walk 2 miles with his elbow out to support his head. What a good dad.

Ryder swinging in front of our hotel. That kid just kept talking to us and to sum him up, you just have to read his T-shirt, "I'd so rather be playing video games."

The last and final photo ever taken by our retired (broken) camera: my foot and Phil's knees...ah memories.


  1. Cute pictures! Our camera broke on our vacation too!!! Its very sad!

    Bytheway, I think taking two days off from running was a bad me!

  2. Great pictures! I think you have my email, but just in case it's dlgrow @

  3. What a cute family!!! I hope you got my comment with my email on your last post but if not my email is

  4. add me...!

  5. Add me!

  6. Anonymous1:25 PM

    can i be your blog friend?

  7. Love the pictures! Ryder just keeps getting cuter! I would love to be added --

  8. Cute pictures from your fun trip! Here is my e-mail:

  9. I enjoy perusing this blog on occasion :) I also am hoping you'll add me to the list...from the old lady in your ward: (now I don't feel private! haha)

  10. I need Jazzy's Jive! Love the pics!

  11. super cute photos! Ryder looks just like you!

    the top was bought at Old Navy (Maternity). I ordered it online and it was on clearance for like $15 so I ordered two! you should get one and stash it away for the future jazzy baby. :)