Baby Face

So lately, I've gotten enough comments about my age, that the randomness of them aren't becoming random anymore. I'm beginning to think I really look a teenybopper.
  • The first one was in the airport in February. I went to go grab a treat for the plane ride and the lady was shocked I had a baby and in her Indian accent mumbled something about how she thought I was 14. I had recently gotten my haircut, so I blamed it on that.
  • The other time was sometime in June when my friend Elizabeth and I were eating lunch at a restaurant in Tacoma and some lady came by and was cooing at our babes and was baffled that one was actually mine. She clocked me at 16. I was wearing a hat, so I blamed it on that.
  • Finally, I was in Home Depot yesterday buying spray paint and a woman asked to see my ID. More surprised by the fact you had to be at least 21 to buy spray paint than the lady asking to see my ID, I easily handed it over and assumed this was normal protocol. She then sat their taking a long look at my driver's license and after seeing birthday did the calculation in her head and slowly said, "...sooo that would make your 24?" Mumbled something about people looking younger than they are, apologized and told me to enjoy it while it lasts. I wasn't wearing any make-up, so I blamed it on that.
Keep in mind for every single one of these instances, Ryder has been with me. I'm beginning to wonder whether or not I should take it as a compliment that people still think I look like a teenager (a troubled teenager for that matter). Hmm..or a I guess I should just enjoy it while it lasts. In other news...
  • I cried for Alicia the other night. Not because she messed up, because I felt so bad she felt so bad. I later heard Shawn and Nastia stepped outside the bounds too. That made me feel better, but for some reason my DVR cut that part off.
  • I'm wondering whether or not to leave both my boys for a quick trip to Utah. Leaving Ryder makes me nervous.
  • Speaking of which he's up, so I gots to go!


  1. you do have a baby face! Thank your mom & dad for the good genes. :) And guess what I had at Olive Garden? Stuffed chicken marsala! I picked out the stuffing. Loved the sauce though. Next time I'll try just the chicken marsala. Or maybe just salad and breadsticks...

  2. wI miss you and your baby face! Call me!

  3. I miss you and your baby face! Call me!

  4. When I moved all my neighbors thought I was 23. It's just good genes.

  5. Wish I had those genes!
    Starting at 14 people always thought I was older. That was good...back then. Although now they are surprised when I tell them I have a college kid.