Phil giving his I'm-in-1st-grade-back-to-school pose
So it's official. Monday was Phil's first day of classes. A mere three days later, he is swamped with homework and trying to figure out how to study again. I ooze pride for this boy. I never get stressed about him succeeding. I see him get stressed about him succeeding :) but I get to lay back and quietly take joy in his dedication knowing he is one of the few aspects in my life right now that is sure, dependable and stress-free. And I can't thank him enough for it. Go get'em tiger!
Our future MBA grad


  1. Awesome! Love that first picture ;) Man, I admire you for being able to let him study. I would be begging Brett to watch a movie with me or something.

  2. Good luck guys!!! Phil, you are going to be an awesome student! Jasmine, so excited for baby number two! Hope you are feeling great. Man, I miss Provo! My sister lives up in the tree streets and I go to visit all the time so we will for sure be seeing you guys sometime soon!

  3. Jazzy! So, is Phil's old job up in WA sending him to do this and he will be able to go back and work for them or do you get to look for a job again?