So. I'm totally excited about getting our new nursery ready. I get to combine two things I love: decorating and babies. However, with most aspects of design (decorating, not babies) I find trends change and my personal tastes even change. I end up doing one thing and wishing a few months down the line that I had done something completely different. That combined with a mad nesting instinct has made me very indecisive and picky about how I want to decorate our little gal's room. After looking through tons of bedding sets, I just can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Here is a list of the things I want:
  • Color. I can't decorate a room in just two colors. Are you kidding me? The rest of the rainbow is feeling left out. Plus, I love yellow and blue with pink. So something with color.
  • Not Too "Fru-fru". I as girly as the next girly-girl, but butterflies and flowers in pastel pink and purple isn't the look I'm going for.
  • Patchwork Feel. Oh how I love the eclectic and cozy feel of patchwork quilts. I want to incorporate this look into her bedding and nic-nacs throughout the room.
So what I have come to realize is that I'm going to have to do this myself. Any custom-made crib bedding set I've seen has been a minimum of $200 but more commonly $300-$400. Have I scared you yet? Doing this would mean in the month of October (November & December I need to devote to Christmas and my large cumbersome self)I would have to:
  • Clean out her room (right now it's being used for moving left-overs)
  • Paint her room
  • Re-paint the crib and changing table (most time-consuming project by far)
  • Sew a crib bed skirt
  • Sew a VERY simple baby quilt (I'm scratching the bumper because they don't help my fear of SIDS)
  • Sew a pillow
  • Put together/find a couple of nic-nacs to decorate
Can I do this!? Or have I lost my mind? Tell me I can. Here are some fabric swatches and photos of other ideas. Tell me what you think or if you just think I'm crazy.
So these are the fabrics I'd be using. All but that yellow-striped one are Heather Bailey. I'm hoping six is enough. Most examples I've seen use more. I love a good yo-yo and I'm thinking I could make this $75 puppy out of my scraps. Hello. How cute are these. I saw a pattern to buy on esty for a stuffed owl pretty similar to these ones...they just don't have the cute dangly legs.
It's probably important to mention at this time that I don't really know how to sew....hmmm...


  1. you make me laugh! O I miss U

  2. Love the fabrics. Have fun. Yes you can do it!

  3. I ended up sewing my own stuff too for my girls room, and it turned out cute. So you can do it too. I like your samples, very cute!

    note: when I say "I" sewed it, I mean my mother in law sewed it. ;)

  4. Where are the pictures of you?!?!? I am dying to see the baby bump!

  5. you have darling taste Jazzy! her room is going to be perfect! i don't know how to sew either. should be both learn? yes!
    hey, now that you are back in UT I'd love to see you!

  6. You can do it!!! And if worse comes to worse, you can use some of that no-sew tape to make curtains...and it would probably work for the hem of the crib skirt, too.

  7. Hey. Came across your blog searching for nursery ideas. You basically described EXACTLY what I am going through right now! I cannot find what I am looking for and have decided I have to sew my own, but I don't really sew. haha! I MUST have more than two colors and DEFINITELY want a vintage-y patchwork quilt. I am on the fence about a bumper. I have been very drawn to the Heather Bailey fabrics. I also saw that mobile on Etsy and decided I could very easily make that. I am wondering how your nursery is coming along and if you have started any of your projects.