With our baby girl's due date quickly approaching, I feel like I'm rather unprepared. I sit there and think of the things I need and I can't come up with anything, but I'm still left with that "you forgot something" feeling. I feel like with your first baby you have to get everything so your list becomes long, yet very simple. But with the second you figure you have everything you need and so it makes it really easy to think your good to go and forget some things that a) didn't last thru Ryder b) I didn't need with one child that I need with two and c) apply to girls that don't apply to boys. You see, it makes the shopping list for the 2nd child much more complicated than the first. So instead of worrying my little head about things I need, I like to concentrate on the the curtains I want to put in her room (I've become a little obsessed with her room, updates to come later) or this diaper bag and ingenious diaper changing kit. Both are from Kalencom: I become very critical about the necessity to combine practicality and cuteness in any bag, but especially a diaper bag. Why I love this one: -It has a laminated cover so I can wipe it clean -It comes with a laminated and matching bottle/sippy holder, pouch and changing pad -It comes in multiple designs,patterns and colors I have also been on a long lost search for the perfect diaper/wipes/changing pad holder. I've even considered making my own, thinking I could do a better job. Not with this puppy. Why I love this one: -It has the same "wipe-clean" surface with multiple designs and patterns -It can fit in a regular purse or bag when you grow out of a diaper bag -I wish it showed you how it unfolded, because that's what I love. After you undo the pad a pocket for the wipes and dipes fold out. It's so cool!


  1. Hey Girl!! Not too much longer and you will have your little bundle of baby girl!! I am excited for yoU! I hope you are feeling well! Good luck with everything! These products are super nice and I could totally see you carrying any of them!

  2. I may not be so good at blogging, but I still always enjoy reading yours :) Can't wait for the little one to arrive. Maybe this time I can actually come see you and the little one.