Explanation: I had to call this phase I'm going thru right now "Gestation" because, well, there is no other word to describe the last leg of pregnancy. It is currently effecting every aspect of my life. Cons: I'd rather stare at a toy/piece of garbage for an hour willing it to disappear rather than bending over and picking it up. I'm becoming more limited to what I can wear. It's quite tiring to get ready for the day and I yearn for the time to wear normal clothes and fun accessories. And well, as far as accessories go, I've just got one really big one that if I choose to adorn myself with anything else, it just seems like too much. It takes me twice as long as usual to do normal daily tasks I can't stand up without my pants falling down and my shirt riding up. I'm sure there has been more than one time that has gone beyond my noticed where I've been walking around in public in a completely inappropriate fashion. My face starts taking the shape of a circle. I think I might have to finish this later so I can go take a nap Pros: I love feeling her move I love getting ready for her arrival I love when Ryder gives the baby hugs or kisses I love eating and not feeling any sort of guilt whatsoever


  1. I'd pick up the stuff on your floor for you if you still lived around the corner!!! More pregnant pics, please... ;)