You'll have to excuse me but with the hulabaloo of everything going on lately, I failed to mention something rather important. This little girl is officially 18 months old. (Which I'm quite certain were the fastest 18 months of my life to date). I always seem to lack the words to adequately describe Penelope Rae. So for now I'll just say she is joy.

We are so excited that her vocabulary is starting to allow a brief phrase or two of English because now we can more fully understand her thought process and in turn more fully understand her cuteness :)

And if you wouldn't mind humoring me, I'm going to jot down a few of her phrases that delight me to the core.

1. P: Kno-kno (knock-knock)
    Smitten bystander: Who's there?
    P: Ah-choo! (a shoe)
    SB: Ahshoo who?
    P: throws her head back and laughs

2. Yelling Yet Doe! (Let go! You can thank Ryder for that one)

3.  Hey. Hay!

4. Walks over grabs your hand and pulls it until you follow her.

5. Huh-low!!! (Hello!!)

6. Me: Penny do you want ____?
     P: No.
    Me: Penny do you want_____? (Thinking she just doesn't understand so I'll repeat myself)
     P: Nooo!

7. Uh HUH!! (yes.)


  1. Seriously meeting her was a joy. She is a character. I love that she is telling knock, knock jokes.

  2. So cute. The things that little kids say, and especially the way they say them, is just adorable.