I think it's funny when I find myself sentimentally attached to certain possessions, such as...

...our Suzi Q

Here she is being shipped off to our new home. She's forging ahead, scouting the way, making the tracks for which we are to  follow--{sigh}. Safe journey silver one.

For some reason this first step in our move has caused me to experience an upheaval of emotions. Scheduling our move has been rather rocky to say the least, so to see things--like them picking up our car--is starting to make me realize this whole thing is actually happening! As she (Suzi) was getting pulled away Phil looked at me and said So we're really moving across the country, it's really happening! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! (that last part was me).


  1. Good luck Shortens! What an adventure! I hope you are in town when we visit for Adam and Sam's wedding in May! What fun to see your new "normal"!

  2. overwhelming...for sure! hang in there. it is going to be a fun adventure!

  3. Adventure! Here you go!

  4. Can't wait to see you guys soon!!