Yesterday, the movers came and packed all of our stuff into boxes and today they loaded it up on a truck and drove away. I spent the morning cleaning like a mad woman (hence no photos), while Phil took the kiddos to visit friends and run errands. There is something about having this part of the move done that makes me feel like the hard part is over. I think we've been anticipating this day for so long there was nothing left to feel but pure relief after that moving van pulled away.

Not to mention, I am SO happy to have our little family safely tucked away at my parents for a week while we wait for our stuff to make its journey eastward. ~Phew~


  1. I feel exhausted just thinking about how much you have done and how hard you have worked the past few days. Enjoy the break with your family. :)

  2. you have NO idea how terribly missed you are going to be!! what am i going to do without you!?!?!?

  3. Good luck on your move and new adventures! So excited for you guys!!