Dear Kids: Go to the Temple

Dear Kids,

So things have been crazy lately. Our time here in Australia is coming to an end, so that means figuring out what our next step is going to be. Even though we're getting closer to finalizing our plan, the process from the beginning has been frustrating for me. I'm a planner and not knowing where we'll be living in the next two months makes me twitch. Sadly, that and the Australian winter now in full swing has prevented me from enjoying our time here and in turn, just makes me want to get it all figured out even more! Argh! It's a nasty cycle I unnecesarily bring upon myself.

We had talked about needing to go the temple. Especially since we probably would't have another opportunity to go to the temple here in Sydney. It's also been awhile since I've been able to go to an endowment session with Hazel nursing...but with our current state of limbo, I just figured we'll get around to it sometime and if we don't make it, no big deal. 

That was foolish.

Well, then, Nana had to have surgery this last Friday. She was scared and nervous and I felt helpless over here on the other side of the world. After talking to her about this on the phone one morning, I thought why not go to the temple this Saturday?! (Since we're a day ahead, it would be the same day of my mom's surgery). Hazel was finally at a point where I could leave her for a longer amount of time...the only thing stopping us was a babysitter, which was quickly taken care thanks to our wonderful friends. 

And so we went. 

I don't think I've had a temple visit affect me so profoundly up to this point in my life. I felt abundant amounts of peace in regard to our future and was able to feel comfort for and in behalf of my mom. Aside from our personal life, there are crazy things going on in today's world that always leaves me sad and uneasy. However, in the temple everything is right. It was as though I could only feel peace and hope (no feelings or worry or confusion allowed, thank you).  And it felt so good.  Almost like a relief.

There was a cute person there who took our photo in font of the temple, but in order to make more room on my camera I accidentally deleted it to make more room for images like this beaut. So sad, but it was a rainy day and it's all we got.

My sweet babes, it seems as some of the times I've been the most profoundly blessed by things of this gospel, such as temples or visiting teaching, were during times in my life where I didn't think I needed it. Don't miss out on blessings of living a righteous life sitting right there in front of you because you weren't willing to reach out your hand and grab it. The temple is one of those things that we always need. It is a huge blessing we have available to us that is free for the taking. So go. Go whenever you can.

Love you forever,


  1. Love this. Miss you!

  2. AMEN! Excited to hear where your next adventure will be.