Sydney Vivid Light Show

The last two weekends we went to the Vivid light show in Sydney. The first Saturday we went to the goings on at Darling Harbor, but sad to say it was a little rainy and cold.  It ended up being a fun time, but not so fun that when Phil wanted to go again the next weekend, I wasn't so jazzed.

However, this time it wasn't rainy and cold and we went to the light shows over by Circular Quay (by the Sydney Opera House). This was quite a bit more fun with cooler things to see. I had so much fun taking pictures, because it's probably the one of the rare instances that taking pictures in the dark actually works, since, you know, you're taking pictures of light.

Second time around at Circular Quay:

A couple of weekends ago at Darling Harbor (The second photo is an accurate portrayl of the everyone's feelings toward the end of our evening):

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  1. what a neat event. such a cute family.