Hair of Fame

So the other day (actually, it was more like the other month...sometime back in March, I believe...) I sat awake in my bed thinking of a new hair-do to try on Penny. Apparently, I do that. Doing my daughter's hair is something I enjoy quite a bit more than the average mom, I'd say, and probably quite a bit more than my daughter...HAHAHA! What? Whipping her head around while yelling at her to hold still is good bonding time.

In an effort to get her excited about what will probably be a "do" that takes more time than usual, I excitedly say, "Hey Penny, let's go do your hair. I have an idea for a cool new style." She gets that expression on her face (since that girl communicates just as clearly if not more so with her facial expressions than her words) that if it could talk would say, "okaaaaay". And a half-hour later, we ended up with this:

What I hadn't anticipated was an observant 5-year-old boy who standing on the sidelines asks me, "Do you have a cool new style for me mom?"


You bet.

And that's how Ryder ended up with this "do":

Ya know for a long while I wasn't quite sure what direction I wanted to take my blog. Do I want to make it more about lifestyle and design? (however, that would assume I knew something about those things...)  Do I write strictly about motherhood? Do I try to get a following with some give-aways and tutorials? Naaah. Too hard. It was about over a year or so ago, where I let go of any sort of blog expectation for myself. (Ya know, since it was really about to take off and all.) And it was then I decided the goal for my blog was simply: anything my kids would want to know about me and our life. Everything from the serious to the funny. Not just vacations and family outings (even though as I look over my last few blogs that's ALL I've been writing about), but the little stories from the day-in and day-out of things (AKA pretty much anything goes). I know this isn't a novel idea by any sorts, but I feel the need to explain why I post about random things like hair-dos. And in this particular case, that we named this style from the other day: Fireworks.


  1. You rock at doing her hair! It's so pretty!!

  2. Wow, I am so impressed! It is probably a good thing that I don't have a girl, her poor hair!!!