Rewind: Fourth of July

Gosh, I love this time of year so much I could burst. Every time summer rolls around I am so grateful for the break and warm weather I think to myself maybe summer is my favorite season. But then fall comes rolling back in along with that giddy feeling I get, and I remember there is no comparison. Autumn is my favorite. But I will say Summer is a close second. And why I need to make sure I need to get our summer memories recorded--even if it be in retrospect.

So here we are at the Fourth of July. It was totes fun. Phil's cousin Stephanie and her husband, Gideon were here visiting, which only added to the enjoyment.

We started the day at the neightborhood parade--one of my favorite parts of the day--which was followed by a little chalk fight. Then, we had a BBQ with some neighbors for lunch. We vegged for awhile and then made our way to the park for the Traverse Mountain dinner and festivities (which consisted of a lot of blow-up slides and a mariachi band)--we didn't stay long.

We finished up the day at my sister's house. We lit sparklers. I wore a fesitve scarf on my head. We ate popsicles. And we later joined her neighbors for fireworks. Which aside from their neighbor's collection, the location we were in lent a view of fireworks going off all around the valley. The pefect way to end a wonderful Fourth of July.

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  1. You two sisters! You warm my heart. I swear I know in my mind that Autumn's children are the same age as mine, but I still am amazed at how tall they are getting. And your children, too. Here's to a happy fall!